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Concentration and Weight Lifting

Always be 100% focused while you are weight lifting. Never be casual. And never talk during a set, or pay attention to what anyone is saying other than a spotter who may be giving you technique reminders. Training is a serious matter. Even a slight loss of focus leads to a loss of form, and risks injury. Many injuries occur because the subject has ignored his better judgement and given in to bravado. Do not try something you know you are not ready for, and do not try another rep when your form has already started to break down. Never go heavy in an exercise you are not familiar with or have not done for a long time. Do not adopt the attitude, “It won’t happen to me,” because, sooner or later, it will. Ignore people who encourage you to try something that you know is risky. They will not have to live with the consequences of a moment of foolishness, but you will.

If you have any questions about concentration and weight lifting, please email us.

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