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Natural Testosterone Boosters - Which is Best for You?

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for physical and emotional well-being. Hormone imbalances result from different factors but have common effects. Low T can reduce physical strength, sexual prowess and depression, among other symptoms.

Depending on individual needs, low T sufferers may turn to medical treatments, supplements, diet and lifestyle changes to balance their hormone levels. However, the decision process can be overwhelming and may cause overlaps.

Convenient and Affordable Choices for Low T symptoms:

Testosterone boosters with mind and body benefits are perhaps the most convenient choice for people of all fitness levels. By understanding the unique properties of separate testosterone supplements, you can make an informed decision.

Here are natural testosterone boosters with distinct benefits as a common solution to low T:

Gamma Oryzanol (Gamma-O):

Gamma-O is a natural compound found in rice bran oil. It is a versatile supplement used as a testosterone booster and general health aid.

Plant sterols from Gamma Oryzanol were first used by the Japanese to treat anxiety during the 1960ís and later utilized to raise testosterone. The mood enhancing benefits of Gamma-O stem from hormone balancing effects. Gamma Oryzanol works to optimize T and estrogen balances for improved wellness.

By reducing the absorption of cholesterol, Gamma-O supplements can also improve cardiovascular health.

Given its body and mind benefits, Gamma Oryzanol is used by athletes and menopausal women alike.

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA):

An amino acid used to better harness testosterone, D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is also used to improve male sexual heath.

Similar to Tribulus, D-AA boosts Luteinizing Hormone, which is associated with higher testosterone. D-Aspartic Acid also facilitates hormone synthesis for more effective use of available testosterone levels. Men can raise sperm counts for improved fertility with higher testosterone.

D-AA helps effectively utilize hormones, but increases in testosterone from the amino acid are shorter lived. Men with fertility concerns and athletes seeking better metabolic function may consider D-Aspartic Acid.


Drawn from flowering plant in Southern Europe, Tribulus is noted for increasing strength levels and sexual health. Since intense workouts can dampen T levels, Tribulus has gained popularity with bodybuilders as a testosterone booster.

The supplement is suggested to increase luteinizing hormone (LH), which is correlated with testosterone levels. However, those with hormone imbalances should be aware that Tribulus is not optimized to balance testosterone and estrogen balance.

While strength training is a net positive for testosterone levels, short term dips following exercise can be offset by supplementing with Tribulus. This helps athletes enjoy faster muscle recovery and more effective training.


Used for an array of purposes, ZMA combines zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6. The synergy produces multiple benefits.

Magnesium helps build bone density and promotes cardiovascular health. Zinc is a natural testosterone booster with antioxidant properties. Vitamin B6 in ZMA helps produce healthy red blood cells and increase mental focus.

ZMA can improve the breakdown of protein, which is particularly valuable for active lifestyles with higher intake needs. The supplement may be used to achieve deeper sleep, which stems from mood enhancing qualities of the natural formula.

Commonly used to promote muscle recover, ZMA helps increase workout frequency and results.


While testosterone boosters are often viewed in generic terms, there are many choices to reach a common goal.

Evaluating your individual needs helps make the best decision on different testosterone supplements.

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